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Tips to Take Care of Your Dog's Hair

Updated: Apr 8

Sirius Pet Styling in Las Vegas, NV and on the edge of Henderson, NV is dedicated to keeping our Dog Grooming customers up-to-date and informed on a variety of topics related to the health and well-being of their pup. This particular topic discusses tips on how to take care of your dog's hair.

How to Take Care of Dog Hair?

Dog hair or coat is the best indicator of your furry companion's overall health. Hairs are responsible for protecting the skin, keeping dirt away, and maintaining body temperature during the Las Vegas summer and winter months. With all these benefits, dog hair also needs proper care and attention. As a dog parent, you are responsible for keeping your dog in good shape and health.

Professional dog grooming at Sirius Pet Styling has many potential benefits because our dog groomers know how to properly care for your dog. Regular grooming can benefit your dog, and he will indeed look clean and shiny after getting rid of loose hair, dust, and debris.

But how can we sustain that look? Here in this article, we will discuss some tips and tricks to take good care of the dog's hair between grooming sessions.

Tips to Take Care of Your Dog's Hair

Here are some helpful tips and tricks to keep your dog hair healthy.

Healthy food, healthy hair

A high-quality diet that can meet your dog's nutritional requirements is necessary for healthy skin and hair. Different supplements like Omega-3 and vitamins can feed the coat and skin but always consult your veterinarian before including any supplement in your dog's diet.

Don't forget to brush

Regular brushing has many benefits. Not only can it keep your dog's hair tangle-free, but it also distributes the natural oil evenly and increases blood circulation. As a result, regular brushing helps bring outshine. Short-haired dogs need brushing once a week, but long-haired dogs need daily brushing for good results.

Use of dog-friendly bathing products

Never use human products on your dog's skin as they can irritate and lead to hair loss. Choose the dog groomers carefully and ask them if they are using dog-friendly products or not. If you live in Las Vegas or Henderson, Nevada and are looking for the best dog grooming services, Sirius Pet Styling offers high-quality pet grooming services in an open view setting. They also use natural and organic products according to the type of coat and the needs of your dog.

Keep your dog healthy

As mentioned above, your dog's hair can be a significant indicator of its overall health. If your dog suffers from any medical conditions or is aging, it will show in his coat. So, along with your routine annual checkup, look for red flags or signs of illness or condition for good overall health. Visit your veterinarian for proper advice and diagnosis.

Dry skin can also deteriorate hair health, so look closely for the factor that can cause dry skin on your furry companion.

Some factors that can cause dry skin and hair on your dog, such as:

  • Flea mites or tick infestation

  • Too often baths

  • Skin infections or allergies

  • Omega-3 deficiency

  • Harsh bathing products


You can keep your dog's hair healthy by maintaining good health and by providing a good diet, regular brushing, and grooming. Your dogs need professional grooming every four to six weeks to avoid matting and skin problems. Find the best pet grooming service in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada, and book Sirius Pet Styling services at reasonable rates now.

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