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How to Prevent Matting in Your Dogs Fur

Updated: Apr 13

Sirius Pet Styling, dog grooming & doggy daycare in Las Vegas, NV is dedicated to keeping our customers up-to-date and informed on a variety of topics related to the health and well-being of their pets. This particular topic discusses how to prevent matting in your dog's fur.

It’s probably been a while since your dog's last grooming appointment so we wanted to share what you can do at home to prevent your dog's hair from becoming matted.

The number one thing you can do to prevent matting in your dog's coat is regular and thorough combing and brushing. How often you should brush your dog depends on their coat type. Breeds that have long coats, curly coats, or fine fur should be brushed more often, even daily in some cases, while other coat types might only need once a week.

One of the most common mistakes made when brushing a dog's fur is only combing the top layer. This can actually can make matting worse. If you focus on the top layer of your dog's fur, your brushing will actually push any loose fur and tangles down closer to the skin, which can become painful for your dog. You can avoid this by using the correct brush for your dog's coat type — such as an undercoat rake if your dog has a double coat, or a rotating pin comb or slicker brush if your dog has a single layer curly coat.

If your dog’s coat tangles easily, you may want to look at purchasing a dog specific detangling leave-in conditioning spray. Applying this to your dog’s coat before brushing will make the process much easier on your end and more comfortable for your dog.

If you need help or advice on dematting your dogs coat, simply message Sirius Pet Styling on Facebook or Instagram, or give us a call at (702) 364-5566.


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