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Our Mission

Sirius Pet Styling in Las Vegas, NV will provide top-notch Certified Pet Styling to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Area, offering the best pet grooming services available. We offer a safe, welcoming, pet-friendly environment to customers who seek only the best in pet care and customer service. We will provide retail products and baked treats promoting the health and well-being of beloved family pets. We understand the value of good morale and happy employees, so we will provide a positive and team-based work environment to ensure focus on safety and quality while promoting consistent productivity. The owners will work hard and lead by example to ensure the success and excellent reputation of Sirius Pet Styling.

We're dedicated to providing a low-stress, positive environment for all of our employees and clients, human and animal. We have created these guidelines simply to prevent confusion as to what is expected of employees and owners/managers. We encourage you to come to us with any questions, concerns, or ideas that you may have!

Position: Groomer
*Interested and qualified candidates should bring their resume
directly to Beth or Nicole at our salon location. Feel free to call ahead.
Job Description & Expectations
Handling & Quality
  • Professional Pet Stylists at SPS are expected to provide consistently high-quality bathing, grooming, and customer services, as their work and temperament reflects positively or negatively on our facility. 

  • All Staff, Bathers, Groomers must have sufficient physical strength, mobility, and stamina to lift and/or move and/or handle large and/or heavy pets and objects throughout their entire workday. They must possess the dexterity and confidence to handle and/or bathe and/or groom pets who may be scared or nervous, and the ability to monitor pets for signs of distress or disease. 

  • Please do not hesitate to ask for assistance with a struggling pet. It can save the pet and the groomer(s) a lot of stress and time to have a helping hand. 

  • DO NOT risk your hands and/or career on an animal you are uncomfortable with. Please notify an owner of aggressive animal behavior.

  • All employees will obtain membership to International Professional Groomers, Inc., will abide by the I.P.G. Code of Ethics, and treat all pets with care and respect.

Participate in Continued Education
  • We will attend The SuperZoo Trade Show annually. We would like all of our employees (including ourselves) to attend at least 1 educational seminar. These classes will be paid for by SPS. We encourage you to compete also! You may choose which day(s) you’d like to attend, and you will be compensated for one (1) day off. 

  • We encourage all employees to seek certification through one of the three major dog grooming industry groups (IPG, NDGAA, ISCC)

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